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On Team 1025, safety is our first priority. Our philosophy is that one should never compromise safety for productivity.  Year after year, we continue to make safety improvements around the room and, in the fall, teach all students proper safety procedures. Team 1025’s comprehensive safety program includes:

2017 Robotics FRC Southfield

  • Having a cohesive pre-season Fall Teaching Series which instructs students on safety around the room and proper use of tools and equipment which can be found here
  • A basic skills program that each student must complete in which they are trained to use various machines, tools and other skills necessary to build a robot
  • Having enough safety glasses for every member on our team, and some extras for visitors
  • An earplug distribution system ensuring access to a safer work environment
  • Some of our students are certified in areas including First Aid, CPR, and Basic Life Support
  • Other students are CPR and AED trained
  • Safety directions next to every tool to ensure students’ safety while at work
  • Instructions next to fire blanket, battery spill kit, and fire extinguisher
  • New work tables at an ergonomic standing height
  • A fully functional fire extinguisher and fire blanket in the room
  • All students instructed on how to use a fire extinguisher
  • All students taught what to do in event of a battery spill
  • An eye wash station in the room that students have access to
  • An easily accessible First Aid kit mounted in the room
  • Weekly inspection of power tools by mentors
  • An incident report filed with the school, district, and saved on file in the robotics room in the event that a student is injured
  • Any allergies or diet restrictions noted and marked in case of an emergency
  • The air compressor housed in a separate room to reduce noise and lower risk of hearing damage
  • Recently consolidating the environmental health and safety improvements made to the room in the past few years, including :
    • A new ventilated chemical cabinet with SDS sheets in easy access
    • A new wire storage system
    • A pull down extension cord and pneumatics system
    • A new curtain across machine workbenches
    • A new rack for storing wood
    • A new rack for aluminum extrusion
    • An environment in which every single member is responsible for their personal safety, as well as the well-being of others.